Saturday, 30 July 2016

Copernicus Sausage Stew (Torunska)

A simple and delicious stew made with Copernicus sausage, which is a popular branding for the traditional sausage which has been made for hundreds of years in the now Polish city of Torun, on the river Vistula.

The ingredients are: one Copernicus sausage, one Spanish onion, half each of red and green Pepper, a stick of celery, green beans, half a courgette, and about 100g of tomato passata, plus herbs and ham or vegetable stock. 

Chop the sausage into chunks, and chop and slice the vegetables reasonably finely (the peppers in strips). Stir-fry in a saute pan at a low heat for ten minutes or so, until the onions are just beginning to brown. 

Add the tomato passata to the pan and some boiling water, and stir thoroughly. Simmer for half an hour to forty five minutes, until the volume of liquid is considerably reduced. Add oregano and the ham or vegetable stock to the stew fifteen minutes before cooking is complete, and stir thoroughly. Serve with boiled potatoes (unskinned in this case). 

 Adding the tomato passata 

Copernicus Sausage Stew (Torunska)

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