Friday, 29 July 2016

Cheddar Cheese on Toast

A classic supper time snack, in this case with toasted home made wheat-free bread. 

The recipe for the wheat-free bread is here. About 100 grams of mature cheddar cheese sliced into squares for the topping (you can choose to grate the cheese instead, which gives a more even melt). The bread was made into toast using a standard toaster, then buttered with slightly salted butter. The cheddar topping was laid on top of the toast, and the cheese was sprinkled with Lea & Perrins Worcester sauce, and dusted with black or white pepper. 

The toast was put into a roasting tin and loaded into a grill. Depending on the temperature and how close the toast is to the element, the cheese should be melted in less than ten minutes. It is best to watch the process, to avoid the risk of burning the cheese. Served with tomato ketchup. 

So delicious! Nobody ever won a cookery competition by offering cheese on toast. The Transcendental Kitchen is about glorious food, which sometimes is a dish often taken for granted, and cheese on toast is one of those. 

Cheddar Cheese on Toast

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