Saturday, 16 July 2016

Lorne Sausage

Square Lorne sausage with fried tomato, mustard, with (in this case) a spring onion salad. The Lorne sausage was fried in a glass-lidded vessel, to retain moisture. Better if it is cooked slowly at a lowish heat for seven minutes each side (if at room temperature at the start), to minimise buckling of the sausage. A Scottish breakfast favourite, usually with fried eggs. Black pepper to taste.

Lorne sausage was invented sometime in the last hundred years, but the basic principle of cooking food (including sausage) on a hot griddle has been part of the Scottish cooking landscape for centuries. Essentially the sausage mix is put into a rectangular or square tin, and then cut into squares. Lorne sausage comes ready cut. Juniper is one of the flavourings.

Lorne Sausage with Fried Tomato and Mustard

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