Thursday, 12 April 2018

Pork Stew with Diced Courgette and Red Pepper

A pork stew made with pork from a roast cooked the day before. The pork was recooked in a little sunflower oil for ten minutes, before the strips of red pepper were added. After another ten minutes I added some boiling water.

I mixed together a level dessert spoonful of cornmeal, and a level teaspoonful of paprika with some cold water. Stirred until a smooth paste. The sauce was added to the pan with the pork and peppers, and stirred at a medium heat until it began to thicken. In this case it took about twenty minutes.

I added some vegetable stock, and some herbs (oregano, coriander).

I diced half of a medium sized courgette, and added the cubes to the pan, and cooked the dish for another twenty minutes. Cooking the courgette cubes for longer will result in them starting to dissolve.

Can be served with potato, rice or pasta.

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