Saturday, 7 April 2018

Fried Mustard Ham and Pepper Omelette

You can fry ham as you can bacon. The result will not be the same, but it is just as delicious, especially as a component in an omelette.

In this case I had some some mustard ham to use up, and so decided on a three egg omelette, with chopped red and green peppers, semi-caramelised white onion, oregano, paprika, and salt.

Start with the onion and the chopped peppers in a saute pan, with some sunflower oil. Once the chopped onion starts to brown, add the pieces of mustard ham. While the ham and onion is frying in the saute pan at a lowish heat under glass, beat the three eggs in a bowl.

Cook the ensemble for at least ten minutes before adding the beaten egg (the eggs should be beaten twice, with a little added salt, and the paprika, to contain as much air as possible). Add the oregano. Turn up the heat for the first two minutes, then down to low. Cook under glass for a minute on each side to ensure thorough heating without burning. After that cook for three minutes on each side before serving. Fine with a side salad, or just by itself!

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