Friday, 13 April 2018

Pork Chilli with Courgette, Peppers, and Wheat-Free Pasta

A pork stew made with pork from a roast cooked earlier and kept in the fridge. The pork was recooked in a little sunflower oil for ten minutes, before the strips of red and yellow pepper were added. After another ten minutes I added some boiling water.

I mixed together a level dessert spoonful of cornmeal, and a level teaspoonful of paprika with some cold water. Stirred until a smooth paste.  The sauce was added to the pan with the pork and peppers, and stirred at a medium heat until it began to thicken.  It took about twenty minutes.

I added half a can of chopped tomatoes, some vegetable stock, two dried red chillies, and some herbs (oregano, coriander and basil).

I diced half of a medium sized courgette, and added the cubes to the pan, and a medium sized carrot, and added these to the mix .As well as a little chopped celery. The dish was cooked for another twenty or so minutes. Served with wheat-free pasta boiled with a little salt and some turmeric, and some freshly ground black pepper. Delicious!

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