Thursday, 18 August 2016

Egg Noodle, with Peppers and Mushroom

Fresh egg noodles from the Co-op store, with chopped mushrooms, red pepper, green pepper, thin strips of carrot, cashew nuts, onion, spring onion, two cloves of garlic, six green chillies, half of them chopped, and some powdered ginger. 

The chillies and the carrot strips were stir-fried first at a high heat for about three minutes. Then the other ingredients were added (they'd been soused in rice wine for twenty minutes, with frequent stirring). Stir-fried for a further three minutes at high heat. 

Then 250g of fresh egg noodles were added, and cooked for five minutes. The high heat was turned off as soon as they were added to the wok. Stirred frequently to ensure even cooking of the ingredients. 

Egg Noodle, with Peppers and Mushroom

Served on a bed of dark soy sauce. A delicious and satisfying meal!

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