Sunday, 14 August 2016

Egg and Chorizo Sausage

No bacon in the fridge on Sunday morning? Try this excellent alternative with chorizo sausage. Two fried or poached eggs, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, spring onion, green beans, and thin slices of chorizo. 

Prepare the chorizo first, and place in a saute pan at medium heat. The sausage will provide sufficient oil for cooking the vegetables after a few minutes. Prepare the vegetables - halve the tomatoes, top and tail the green beans and slice into two, halve the mushrooms, and chop the spring onions into small pieces. Turn down the heat and allow to cook slowly under glass for fifteen minutes. Remove the lid and fry for another five minutes, removing any surplus juices in the pan. 

Best to fry the eggs (preferably in sunflower oil) in a separate frying pan, to preserve the colour of the eggs, and to have both the eggs and the vegetables ready to serve at the same time.

May be served with toast, hash browns, potato waffles, etc. But fabulous just as it is. You may end up preferring this breakfast to bacon and eggs! 

Egg and Chorizo Sausage

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