Friday, 22 September 2017

Pork Stew with Chives, Onion and Mushroom

Joints are going out of style for many people because they are seen as too complicated to prepare and cook. So the bargains are there to be had. They are worth seeking out since they are better value for money, even if it is true they involve much more effort and forethought.

This one came from Morrisons - a 1.1kg boneless pork leg joint.

Cooked on the middle shelf of the oven for two hours at 190-200 deg C. along with two large chopped potatoes and a peeled and halved onion.

The joint was wrapped in aluminium foil, in such a way that the juices would remain with the joint. The package was placed on top of the potato and onion spread around the roasting tray. I added half an inch of water to prevent the vegetables from dehydrating too quickly.

The tray was removed from the oven after the first hour, and the vegetables were decanted into a bowl. The joint then laid directly onto the tray, and replaced in the oven.

Once cooked, the juices were decanted into a pot, along with a cornflour and water mixture, containing chopped chives. Once thickened, the juices were decanted into a glass jar, and were later put into the fridge. The joint itself was allowed to cool overnight on a plate under an upturned glass bowl.

The next day the joint was cut into slices using an electric knife, and put into a flat pan. The pork fat was removed from the now jellied juices with a teaspoon, and the jelly was added to the pan. Add a cupful of boiling water.  Chopped mushrooms were added, along with the onion which cooked with the joint, now chopped. Simmer under glass for half an hour, stirring occasionally.

Serve with the potatoes which were cooked along with the joint, after fifteen minutes in the steamer. Delicious! Well worth the effort.

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