Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Cumberland Sausage with Pepper and Onion

Cumberland sausage (pricked) fried in a glass-lidded pan for twenty minutes to twenty five minutes, along with sliced onion, chopped orange pepper, and some finely chopped celery in a little sunflower oil. Cooked for the first fifteen minutes without the lid.

The potatoes were boiled in a separate pan for twenty minutes.

Mix up the gravy browning with half a pint of water, and add to the sausages in the glass-lidded pan. Add a pinch of rosemary. Cook under glass until the gravy reduces and thickens (about thirty to forty minutes). Cumberland sausage contains herbs, and if the sausages are pricked, the flavour bleeds into the gravy. Stir occasionally.

Finally, add a pinch of paprika and stir it in to the gravy.

Serve with freshly ground black pepper.

A favourite dish!

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