Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers, with Chilli Sauce

Aberdeen Angus beef burgers, with a yellow pepper, spring onion, and a red chilli sauce. Bought cheap, because they were priced too expensively to sell quickly at the local co-op. A few years ago they would have shifted fairly quickly, but not any more.

Aberdeen Angus beef is one of the best brands of beef in the world. So if you use it to make beef burgers, what you are going to get is a superior product to what you will normally find in a burger restaurant, unless the manufacturer messes up. They didn't mess up with these. They were pan-fried for twenty five minutes, starting at a high heat and reducing to a low heat. No added oil. There was sufficient fat in the burgers to do the job, but the least amount I've ever seen in a burger. Not much shrinkage either. Excellent!

The burgers were turned three times, and they spent the last ten minutes at a low heat under glass.

I diced three quarters of a yellow pepper and two spring onions, and cooked them in a small lidded pan with some of the juices from a jar of marinaded red peppers (essentially vinegar), and some water. I added two and a half dessert spoonfuls of red chilli sauce, and stirred them together. Cook for 30 minutes under glass at a low heat, stirring occasionally. I added a pinch of paprika and a pinch of oregano also.

Serve with freshly ground black pepper. The sauce is a delicious compliment to the beef!

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