Monday, 26 February 2018

Smoked Haddock poached in Milk

A simple and very Scottish way of cooking fish. Half a cup of whole milk was decanted into a flat non-stick lidded pan, and brought to the boil. A little olive oil was added to the pan (a knob of butter can be used instead).

When the milk came to the boil, the haddock fillet (angel cut) was added to the pan and covered with the lid. The heat was turned down low. Cooked for ten minutes under glass at a low to medium heat. The beauty of cooking the fish under a lid is that it does not need to be turned during the process, and so there is less chance of the fillet breaking before it is decanted to the serving plate.

Green beans were cooked for seven or so minutes in a steamer (judge by eye).  Decant the fish, and spoon two tablespoons of the milk over the fish, Add the green beans, garnish with some fresh coriander leaf. Dress with white pepper. Delicious!

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